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Value Driven Personality Transformation (ValTran)

ValTran is an end to end personality transformation solution to help individuals develop and enhance their capability, aptitude, leadership, entrepreneurship and inter personal skills.

The ValTran Solution :
  • Creates holistic change in the personality of the students and industry professionals
  • Targets the in-built strength of the self to expand the mental, physical and emotional dimensions
  • ValTran aligns individuals to specific needs of the global industry and increases the efficiency of talent attracted
  • ValTran is a curriculum driven transformational solution which is continuous and holistic
  • Continuously optimizes the attitude, knowledge, skills and capability of individuals instead of approaching a dimension in a discrete fashion

Arsha Personality Index (API)

The solution uses a state of the art methodology to map the physical, emotional and mental dimensions of an individual across 40 personality attributes to create a comprehensive personality index termed as Arsha Personality Index (API). Over the course of the curriculum the API is measured, monitored and improved continually to create a sustainable growth in the personality of the individual. With a long term focus, the programs are delivered by global thought leaders from the industry and academia using a case based approach.

The components of ValTran are :
  • Boost your brain power - Aptitude Enhancement
  • Stay up front - Leadership Development
  • Building blocks - Capability Development
  • Build your dream - Entrepreneurship
  • Make an impact - Inter Personal Skills
  • Industry alignment
  • Higher education alignment

Level Mapping

In order to support ongoing participation and measurement, the ValTran curriculum is developed in multiple levels allowing individuals with different abilities to particiapte at the appropriate ability levels and maximize their personality improvement.

Program Structure

School Scholar SS2
School Scholar that enables academic management at schools launched on 18th Apr 2012.
Skill Development
Trimentus is delivering Skill Development courses through Andhra Pradesh Government's EGMM project.
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