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Our Services » Academic Management

Academic Management

A service designed for institutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of academic delivery thru process standardization, technology enablement and faculty management. The service will also help with the long-term branding and value creation potential of the institutions by developing a robust research & innovation process.

Process Standardisation

ISO 9001:2008 defines quality as the "degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills requirements".

Our process standardization approach objectively evaluates the existing processes of the institute against the core values, objectives, mission and vision of the institution.

Based on the evaluation, we deploy our total quality management framework (TQM), technology capabilities needed to bridge gaps, improve the efficiency and achieve excellence at all levels.

Faculty Enrichment

The faculty enrichment program, targets teachers of engineering, vocational stream, Science & Technology (S&T) institutions, college and business schools. It aims at developing capabilities of teachers and equips them with state of art techniques to impart better leadership skills, communication, perception management, conflict resolution and motivational skills.

Research and Innovation

Our R & I services facilitate the institutions to address research and innovation initiatives for the following :

  • How the educational institutions can gear up to the future?
  • How new pedagogical methods, scientific advances and technologies change the patterns of learning?
  • How improvements can be done for diverse student populations?
  • How institutes can promote awareness on social responsibility?

We will work with the institutes, collaboratively with the industry to set up R&D centers at their campuses.

School Scholar SS2
School Scholar that enables academic management at schools launched on 18th Apr 2012.
Skill Development
Trimentus is delivering Skill Development courses through Andhra Pradesh Government's EGMM project.
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